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Nicky Romero is Joined by Nile Rodgers for "Future Funk"

By Idris Jones

February 18, 2016

Nicky Romero is one of the most recognizable names in the electronic dance music industry. Having opened up about his battle with anxiety in recent year's, his motivation to boldly experiment and continue pushing the boundaries of the genre as a whole have already reaped impressive results.

The track itself came to fruition by chance rather than choice. While Rodgers was busy exercising his recently repaired guitar, his experimental riff caught Nicky's ear who then proceeded to record it on his laptop for future use.

Recruiting the masterful talent of Nile Rodgers is arguably his most intriguing and alternative collaboration to date. It also takes the Frenchman headed into uncharted territory in terms of sound and portfolio. Inspired by the funk legend's distinctive touch, Nicky Romero has raised a few eyebrows with his most recent material "Future Funk".

Continuing to develop the track into a full-bodied disco headliner, the Protocol Recordings label leader proceeded to add the guitar licks that give the track its infectious atmosphere. Addictive to replay, the subtle beat and gripping melody combine surprisingly well for the rich vocal overlay. Fusing the timeless rhythms of Nike Rodgers with Nicky Romero's distinctive electro house sound is something many wouldn't have even thought of. Yet, in a music scene with increasingly shrinking borders and boundaries, we should come expect more far-reaching collaborations.

"Future Funk" has been received with a number of positive responses, crediting and recognizing Romero's experimental angle. While there are those who pledge for the earlier sound from the Frenchman, in a scene where new and fresh music is demanded, evolution is inevitable. And as musician's continue to explore their creativity, and collaborations become even more transparent and efficient, you can be sure to many more ‘alternative' tracks will be coming our way – and that's exciting for the industry as a whole.

Set to be released in just over a week on February 26th, be sure to pre-order your copy of Nicky Romero's collaboration with Nile Rodgers today!


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