Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Best Cry-er I've Ever Worked With

February 17, 2012

Demos from 1984

I spent the whole day listening to my old solo album songwriting demos. I have so many old demos that I'm almost overwhelmed. Back in the day I used to record a huge amount of ideas before I'd settle on what songs would make it onto an album.

I found songs that have Bernard Edwards playing on them. I'd forgotten those songs until today. I've even found a demo with Alfa Anderson singing in the background section.

Though I recorded the background vocals as a large group to a stereo pair, I can still hear Alfa's distinctive voice, doing a sound which Luther Vandross called crying. It's a technique where I'd have the singers overdub a very airy, almost childlike sound, and Alfa was The Best Cry-er I've Ever Worked With.

Another batch of demos from 1984

Bernard Edwards, bass player extraordinaire, and me in the 80's

Alfa Anderson in our 80's tour book

I have so many old demos, that I'm almost overwhelmed

Me playing with Alfa, The Best Cry-er I've Ever Worked With