Monday, July 22, 2024

Cold and Rainy


Walking on Planet C

Cold and Rainy

Today was Cold and Rainy

Today I took my therapeutic walk during the afternoon. Usually, it's the warmest part of the day but today it was Cold and Rainy. It's been almost a year since I've been doing these walks. They started when I was diagnosed with the form of cancer that's the largest killer of men who die from cancer. Prostate cancer.

I was attacked by a very aggressive cancer which was treated last January. I get tested every three months to see if I'm cancer free.

I'm currently in between the test and the result. During these waiting periods I'm the most stressed. To add to the stress, I've just released my memoir called Le Freak.

On today's walk, I got temporary relief from the anxiety of waiting for the test result. My mother called and told me she loved the book. I was overjoyed.

Mom and I relived the stories and I got so caught up in the conversation I stopped paying attention to where I was walking. The rain had created huge puddles. I was wearing flimsy white sneakers which became saturated by the time I'd realized that I'd walked miles beyond my intended route.

Mom's phone call made me feel warm and fuzzy but my feet were like two blocks of ice - because today's weather was Cold and Rainy.


Me & Mom - She was 14 and I was a few months old

Caught up in conversations about my Aunt Midge and my stepdad Bobby

We were caught up in conversations about me taking LSD with Dr. Timothy Leary only hours after taking this photo.

We were caught up in conversations about the Black Panthers.
I'm in this line five guys down, past the light skin dude (Kevin). You can see my distinctive upturned nose under my metal-rimmed glasses.

We were caught up in conversations about my stepdad Bobby when they moved to the west coast

Caught up in conversations about my grandmother