Thursday, July 25, 2024

Very Uncommon


Walking on Planet C

Very Uncommon

Me and Rich finishing the Adam Lambert guitar overdubs before a Very Uncommon early snow storm shuts us down

Today I'm off to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm going to see two specialists Monday morning. It's been about one year to the day since I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer - Gleason score 9 (GS 9). It was surgically treated January 2011. They say that a GS 9 is Very Uncommon.

While I'm on the train, I usually get a lot of work done, but today I'm going to relax. Though I'm not entirely certain what my long-term health situation looks like, I'm very happy. During the past week I've had more good times than should be legally allowable. I'm normally pretty upbeat because the gift of life is good, but the last week was beyond good, and that's Very, Very Uncommon.


Rehearsed for the We Are Family Foundation Gala with GZA & QTip - Great and Very Uncommon

Had an Uncommonly perfect night at my Gala for the We Are Family Foundation

Talked about my Very Uncommon memoir with Tavis Smiley on his TV show

Talked about some Very Uncommon situations on more than a dozen radio interviews in one day

My Very Uncommon stint in the Black Panthers - I'm five brothers down from the front

I sat in with The Roots on the Jimmy Fallon Show - Great and Very, Very Uncommon


History of Rap 3 (10/28/11) - Justin Timberlake returns to team up with Jimmy and break down the history of rap.