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Freakout! Montreux

June 28, 2012

Bernard Edwards and me signing CHIC to Atlantic Records in 1977

I was up all night planning the final pieces of our mega Dance Party at Montreux Jazz on July 13. It will be the first event of it's kind that I've curated since the formulation of CHIC. I see it as "The Evolution of Dance Music."

I respect the big voice divas, 70's orchestrated disco, 80's synth pop, house, techno, and the killer Dj's the same way I respect other great artists. I believe that they use they're instruments as creatively as many of the best virtuoso musicians. And I don't mean just battle Dj's who dazzle us with their turntable skills - but the great composer Dj's who create emotional and artistic musical collages while keeping the dance floor packed and the rumps shaking.

I'll bring together many legendary artists who represent the ever changing world of dance music - past, present, and future. We'll literally go "On and on till the break of dawn," then have breakfast. And if we pull this off - we will positively Freakout! Montreux.


The full early CHIC Org - Sadly, of the five guys, I'm the only one still alive

The rarest CHIC record I've ever seen - from a shop in East Germany

To this very day, I try and keep the Studio 54 vibe alive

The CHIC Organization Box-Set with remixes by Dimitri from Paris

Playing "Le Freak" while doing the dance called 'The Freak' back in the day

Freak Out! Montreux official flyer

Mark Ronson

Alison Moyet (Yazoo)


Dimitri from Paris

Elly Jackson (La Roux)

Felix Da Housecat

Johnny Marr (The Smiths / Electronic)

Martha Wash

Scarlett Etienne


Taylor Dayne

Ultra Naté