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The Then Next Bowie Album

August 6, 2012

A t-shirt a fan gave me in Ireland after one of our shows

After I finished my last show I had one hour to pack. I then had to travel all night and day before I finally got home to my own bed. The show had taken place in Liss Ard, Cork County Ireland. It was near the town of Skibbereen and it wasn't exactly easy to get to or from.

When I finally arrived home I checked my email. The very first message was a clip that someone had shot of me during a book signing event in Belfast, Ireland shot a few days ago.

The clip starts in the middle of me answering a question about what it was like to work with Stevie Ray Vaughan and it continued with the story of the song "Let's Dance" by David Bowie. It was the first song Stevie Ray had heard from what would be The Then Next Bowie Album.


Nile Rodgers in Belfast on David Bowie and Let's Dance



Irish fans waiting for autographs

On the street with fans in the town of Skibbereen

People from our last show at Liss Ard

Some of the Liss Ard crowd

After our last show I had just one hour to pack