Thursday, July 25, 2024

Daft Punk Album - I'm Hyped

August 10, 2012

Daft Art's Paul Hahn and me at Michael Jordan's restaurant (shot by a dude at the bar)

Over the last few days I've had tons of meetings to plan for the rest of what's already been an exciting year. Just when I thought I couldn't get more hyped up about the future, I got a call from Daft Art's Paul Hahn. He was in New York and so was I - we figured out a way to meet between our other meetings. We linked up at the bar at Michael Jordan's restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. We talked about as many things as we could fit into our quick meeting.

Suddenly, I remembered I had to make a few calls because I was late for my next meeting since my earlier ones had gone overtime. Paul was cool with my frenetic situation. As soon as I hung up we jumped back into our conversation without dropping a beat. We marveled about some new technology, some visual concepts, and how many things had come together over the last few months. We talked about my Fender Stratocaster nicknamed "The Hitmaker," my plexiglass Guitarman nicknamed "The CHIC-ocaster," and of course the current state of the mixes for the next Daft Punk Album. I'm Hyped.


Me playing my Fender stratocaster nicknamed "The Hitmaker"

My plexiglass Guitarman nicknamed "The CHIC-ocaster"

Officially, I'm Hyped!

Nile Daft Funk

Daft Punk animation by @CatnipSoup