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There's Nothing Like Vinyl

November 7, 2012

Explaining why I love vinyl in a BBC TV Special on vinyl recordings

I've just finished shooting a BBC TV Special on vinyl recordings. I still make vinyl recordings on every record that I can. I went into my basement and found some amazing recordings. Everything from my very first CHIC record all the way up to my current video game soundtracks. There's Nothing Like Vinyl.


On a vinyl recording I can tell where the breakdown comes by looking at the grooves on the disc

An original CHIC 12" Single test pressing in an Atlantic Disco promo sleeve

I got a little emotional recalling recording the first CHIC record with Luther Vandross, Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards

The video game Halo original soundtrack released by my company Sumthing Else Music Works

I always cut vinyl to get a bigger sound

Me getting ready to shoot a BBC TV Special on vinyl recordings - I had an amazing stack of records from my basement

David Bowie's "Let's Dance" picture disc Vinyl Album

My biggest selling vinyl album - Madonna's "Like A Virgin"

Sister Sledge's 12" single "He's The Greatest Dancer"