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Close the Circle

February 20, 2015

CHIC is BACK! Pre-order the new single "I'll Be There" on iTunes today. Single drops March 20th! GET IT »

After waiting four long years since the Lost CHIC Tapes were recovered, I'm finally putting out our first record. I'm like a child waiting for Christmas morning.

The release date is March 20, 2015, the vernal equinox, when day and night are of equal length. But this year certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere will have a total solar eclipse, which will turn day to night. This is extremely rare on a vernal equinox.

I'll officially release the song at the start of that celestial phenomenon in the city and country where they set Greenwich Mean Time: London, England. The solar eclipse will begin at 8:25 (GMT), the greatest eclipse will be at 9:31 (GMT) and will end at 10:41 (GMT).

In this short music teaser, the horn blast appears at what's called the point of totality, or the greatest eclipse - when day will seemingly to turn into night.

There will also be a super moon, so called when the moon's orbit is closest to earth making it appear larger than normal. The super moon will continue on it's orbital track and we'll soon return to complete daylight.

This will never happen again on a vernal equinox in my lifetime, and it's a moment I'll remember for the rest of my days. For me it's symbolic of the rebirth of CHIC.

I was stricken with very aggressive cancer four years ago which put me on this life or death path.

The new record will be a double sided 12" Maxi-Single.

Side-A, is a song called "I'll Be There," the first words I spoke upon finding my partner Bernard Edwards, (RIP) dead after our last concert together.

Side-B, is a song called "Back In The Old School," about the disco movement and the liberating escapades of that time.

"Back In The Old School" is a subliminal statement about dance music. Though most current dance music is electronic, live bands like CHIC and dj's, co-exist very well, just as the disco movement brought disparate peoples together. Dance musicians are the lower link on the musical food chain, we're stronger united than divided.

Both songs are played by my original CHIC line up along with percussionists, The Martinez Brothers on "I'll Be There. These works are my tribute to The Original CHIC Organization - musically, artistically and spiritually...which in my heart allows me to Close The Circle.


I've found many boxes of Nile Rodgers and Lost CHIC Org tapes

The full, early CHIC Org. Sadly, of the five guys I'm the only one still alive

CHIC, Sister Sledge and Atlantic Top Brass - The new CHIC single was made from a Sister Sledge outtake

Me after overdubbing "I'll Be There" w The Martinez Brothers

The crossed-out take of "Got To Love Somebody" is the song I built the first single on

Me, Nard, and Tony jamming on the Soul Train stage

Kim, Fonzi, Luci, Alfa and Folami Conducted by me, singing disco song "I'll Be There" by CHIC

CHIC "I'll Be There" / "Back In the Old School" :: GET IT »